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By operating in the UK, the Tau Affiliate Programme is subject to the UK Gambling Commission's License Conditions and Codes of Practice ("the LCCP"). We are deeply committed to ensuring that we are fully compliant with these obligations when marketing our services. These guidelines are in place to outline and detail our commitment to the safety of our partners, players and brands. Essentially, we want to ensure that none of our campaigns are in any way misleading and the relationship we have with both partners and customers is built on trust and transparency.


If you have any questions with regards to these guidelines or are in and doubt regarding your obligations under our Affiliate Terms & Conditions, please contact your Account Manager. In addition to this, if you require more information on The LCCP please visit: gamblingcommission.gov.uk

Tau Affiliates Terms & Conditions


On joining Tau Affiliates, all partners accept and must adhere to the Terms and Condition of our programme without fail. Key terms include, but are not limited to:


  • 2.2. Each Applicant must provide the domain names of all websites on which it seeks to place links.

  • 2.5. Applicants may only participate in the Affiliate Programme if over eighteen (18) years of age.

  • 3.14. Affiliates must not “spam” or use unsolicited email. If Tau Marketing Services believes that an Affiliate is “spamming” and/or using unsolicited email, Tau Marketing Services will immediately terminate that Affiliate’s participation in the Affiliate Programme.

  • 3.16 Unless written approval has been granted, Tau Affiliates do not allow any third party to use their own incentives, specifically cashback, when promoting brands on the programme. Partners must only use offers provided and approved by Tau Affiliates.

  • 4.2.1. You must not market our services in a method which is in violation of applicable UK laws, regulations, conditions and codes of conduct. If you are in any doubt with regards to the compliance of a particular marketing method or material, you must seek our prior approval.


For full Terms & Conditions, please visit: Tau Affiliates Terms & Conditions.

Affiliate Advertising Guidelines




All Direct Marketing campaigns must be reviewed and approved by Tau Marketing Services before they can be scheduled.
If an affiliate schedules a direct marketing campaign without prior approval, this will be a breach of the UAAG and therefore the terms of the affiliate program.
For the avoidance of doubt, Direct Marketing refers to marketing any Tau Marketing Services websites to a person via Email, SMS, mail, or phone.



Any reference to a promotion or offer available on any Tau Marketing Services website must include the full terms and conditions of the promotion/offer as supplied by Tau Marketing Services. This must also include any significant terms and conditions.
The format and content of the terms and conditions must not be amended by the affiliate.



At Tau Affiliates, we pride ourselves on delivering our partners with a wealth of market-leading creative that is fully compliant and adheres to advertising regulations. This creative is readily available in our Income Access system and if you require any bespoke creative, please contact your account manager. No request is too big or small. If your own in-house design team has produced any creative that includes any Tau Affiliate brands, you must have written consent and approval from your account manager before publishing. Any creative published that has not been supplied by Tau Affiliates or been approved by your account manager could lead to your account being terminated. To ensure fully compliant campaigns, we strongly advise that partners use only the creative supplied by Tau Affiliates.






We take great pride in providing our partners with the all of the support and guidance needed to ensure our “Compliance Is King” approach to affiliate marketing.


With GDPR legislation imminent and a continued focus on all elements of online gaming advertising we have put together our 5 Step Email Compliance Checklist.

  • Tau Affiliate brand names must not appear in the ‘From’ field. It must be clear to the recipient that the email has not been sent by a Tau Affiliate brand.

  • A third-party logo should be prominent in the header of every email send, to make it clear to the recipient that the email is not from a Tau Affiliate brand.

  • A working unsubscribe link must be included in every send.

  • Partners must supply Tau Affiliates with a preview prior to every send.

Our focus is to ensure long-term profitable partnership and they key to this is our “Compliance is King” approach. However, as a reminder, any breach of our UAAG or Affiliate Program T&C’s will result in memberships of the program being terminated.






As well as adhering to Google and Bing’s strict advertising guidelines, partners must also comply with the terms of this agreement:

  •  Partners must not bid on any Tau Affiliate site’s brand terms.

  • All brand terms must be added as a negative to any generic keyword campaign.

  • Partners must not use a Tau Affiliate brand name in ad copy, display URLs or ad extensions.






When conducting paid social advertising, any campaign must promote the partners site and not any Tau Affiliate brand. It must be clear to the consumer that the partner is not promoting Tau Affiliate brand directly. Partners must also comply with the strict guidelines that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat have in place. These include, but are not limited to:

  •  All advertising accounts must be whitelisted and approved to advertise RMG (“Real Money Gaming”).

  • Where possible all campaigns must include any significant bonus restrictions, as a minimum all creative must state T&C’s apply.

  • Full bonus terms and conditions must be one click away.

  • Imagery and creative must not appeal to children or use individuals that are or look under 25.






Unless written approval has been granted Tau Affiliates do not engage in any of the following campaigns:


  • SMS

  • Pop-Under

  • Advertorials or Media Buying via Ad-Exchanges.


Any partner found to be running campaigns of this nature will have their account terminated immediately.






Partners must not register domains names which include any Tau Affiliate brand names. Any partners who register domains without written consent will be in breach of our Terms & Conditions and have their account terminated with immediate effect. All Tau Affiliates partners can have confidence that these guidelines are in-place to ensure compliant campaigns that will drive profitable long-term relationships that are built on the foundations of trust and transparency.


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