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Easter Giveaway Update

Easter Giveaway Update

Our April FTD race is in full swing, but the competition is far from over. There's still time to join and compete for your shot at amazing prizes valued at over £2,500, including a Galaxy Book 4 - 360!

Current Leaderboard:

  1. Affiliate ID: 92

  2. Affiliate ID: 694

  3. Affiliate ID: 642

  4. Affiliate ID: 1219

  5. Affiliate ID: 492

  6. Affiliate ID: 93

  7. Affiliate ID: 1218

  8. Affiliate ID: 1479

  9. Affiliate ID: 272

  10. Affiliate ID: 1519

Quick Recap:

  • You earn one ticket for every FTD sent to Tau Affiliates. 

  • Earn one extra ticket for every 5 FTDs 

  • The race ends on the 30th of April, and the draw is on the 3rd of May.

  • Find out more details about the race on this link.

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact your Tau Account Manager for more information.

Good luck! We can't wait to see who wins 😄

Contact details 

Sharon Joy - Partnerships Lead

Email -

Skype - live:sharon_8408

LinkedIn - 

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